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Designated for women body& skin care

Welcome to Bloom Clinic & Spa where your body is treated truly attentive and professional approach.
Are you tired of your stressed-out life? Allow yourself to breathe slowly...
It’s time to finally let go!

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Renew and Relax

Meet our Treatments 

Welcome to Medical Spa Where your body, skin & soul be treated in truly attentive and professional approach. 

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Bloom Clinic & Spa

I came up with an idea of Bloom Clinic & Spa to create a space for women who seek for relaxation and professional care in a Spa feeling environment. Our hectic 'mum-to-be life' leads us to stress, lack of self-care and as a result burning out in all aspects of our life. Bloom Clinic & Spa is the place to resolve it all!!

I am a BA (Hons) graduate and more importantly a Complementary Therapist with various qualifications including ITEC  Sports and Holistic Massage, Burrell Education  Pregnancy/ Scar Tissue.

I am also VTCT NVQ Beauty Therapist  with a range of CPD courses to provide efficient and truly pampering treatments to improve women's wellbeing, health, and beauty with a holistic approach

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