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Bloom Clinic & Spa

Welcome to Bloom Clinic & Spa where your body , skin and soul be treated in trully attentive and professional approach. 



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Kamila Kolesnik Therapist & Practitioner 

I am a massage & skin therapist specializing with women with pre/postnatal pains and aches as well as scar tissue after post abdominal surgeries. I created Bloom Clinic & Spa to be a place for relaxation but at the same time helping women with more complex issues they may experience with their bodies& skin.

I am dedicated to look after your skin care and body with highly effective and holistic approach with medical grade cosmetics and equipment.

Fully insured and ITEC/VTCT qualified for all treatments offered and a member of  Complementary Therapist Association. All machines used for the treatments are tested and of a high quality.


I came up with an idea of Bloom Clinic & Spa to create a space for women who seek for a relaxation and professional care in Spa feeling environment. Our hectic 'mum to be life' leads us to stress, lack of self- care and as a result burning out in all aspects of our life. Bloom Clinic & Spa is the place to resolve it all!!

I am a BA (Hons) graduate and more importantly a Complementary Therapist  with various qualifications including ITEC  Sports and Holistic Massage, Burrell Education  Pregnancy/ Scar Tissue.

I am also VTCT NVQ Beauty Therapist  with range of CPD courses to provide efficient and truly pampering treatments to improve women wellbeing, health and beauty with a holistic approach

A true passion and interest in womens health, but most importantly personal experience,  have lead me to become a therapist dedicated for womens health;  especially in the postnatal period when once becoming a mum the body changes irreversibly in some ways. 

Our body needs long time and loving attention to allign itself to feel back to normal again. Our busy lifes as mums dont help the healing process at all. The experiences  including  complications in pregnancy; traumatic births; surgical interventions sometimes we have to go through leave remarkable stress and trauma in our body often resulting in pain and agony and physical damage. My area of expertise is pelvic floor health. As a massage therapist I have specialised not only in  pregnancy massage but also postnatal massage. I am also a qualified scar tissue therapist with a particular interest in C - Section Scars/ abdominal surgey and pelvic adhesions.  I am currently getting qualified in Myofascia therapy  with MFR UK which is the  leading Body in fascia therapy with specialisation in Womens Pelvic Health and Scar Tissue therapy. I believe my hands are the most powerful tools to help you with your  pelvic/ hips/ lover back pain often caused by scars. However, if you are particularily concern with the appearance of  your scar I  combine both: my hands and beauty tools to bring the change you are looking for not only on aesthetic;physical level but also emotional.


Bloom Clinic & Spa is located in a specious, luxury feel private salon providing  first-class none invasive but effective skin and body care treatments  dedicated  for women with different skin and body concerns.

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