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Body Treatments 

Alidya Cellulite mesotherapy


Alidya Cellulite mesotherapy with a medically certied product applied with literally unfelt skin needling to target the very stubborn areas of this unwanted skin condition. This treatment is combined with 30 min machine lymphatic drainage session every other week included in the price (1x 10ml ampoule per treatment)

Brest / decolte treatment

Brest / decolte treatment : Hyalual Perfoskin Complex advanced fractional roller with active, potent succinic and hyaluronic acid bringing back the loss of skin elasticity with visible skin rming and uplifting of this feminine area

Stretch marks/ Removal improvement


Stretch marks/ Removal improvement A treatment for stretch marks improvement / removal involves rebuilding healthy skin tissues beneath the scar and fading the appearance of the current scar. The results can vary but excellent results can be obtained even on mature stretch marks with multiple treatments with needling or Bloomea machine and use of organic silica; TCA medical acid peel.

Fat dissolving injection  or electroporation treatment for
tummy pouch reduction 
Pre consultation is strictly needed as not everyone is suitable for the treatment. The injection or electroporation machine is used to target localised particularily stubborn fat on your tummy with pure synthetic deoxycholic acid naturally present on your body responsible for breaking down fatty tissues . 3/ 5 treatments needed with 3 /4 weeks intervals. 



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Hair/ scalp mesotherapy


To enhance microcirculation and hair
regrowth and importantly to stop the process of loosing your precious
hair with Dr Cyj or other patented products (treatment will involve using
Darson machine to stimulate the scalp)

Postnatal tummy reduction


Postnatal tummy reduction/ skin improvement including manual therapy/ tummy Arosha wraps/ Microneedling/ machines (1 hour 30 minutes)

Arosha body wrap


Arosha body wrap for water retention/ rming / cellulite combined with pressure therapy/RF/ Ultrasound lipo/ dermo massager LPG (2 hours)

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