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Skin Care

Face Care  

Facials are professionally designed with active , highly effective ingredients and powerful method of application to treat your skin problem. All face therapies are especially selected from the best products available on the market to address:

 from £120


Microneedling therapy


Microneedling therapy ( (medically CE certied device) to induce collagen production and treat effectively skin concern such as scar tissue, pigmentation or ne lines. Combined with :Bio Re Peel Cl- Medical peel, containing 35%TCA acid, Citric and wine acid, Argainine and Vit C, providing a bio-stimulating, revitalising & peeling-like effect but with minimal to none skin peeling.It is one of the newest peels on the market from CMED AESTHETIC in Italy. 



Microneedling / Nano Microneedling


Microneedling/ Nano Microneedling with active ampoule of Vit C, Arginine, Peptides, Succinic Acid or Organic silica to address and target specic skin problem

Add neck/decolte £140




Bloomea Antiaging/ scar- tissue 


Bloomea Antiaging/ scar- tissue/pigmentation machine coming to you from France provides macro exfoliation, bringing skin resurfacing compared to laser. Skin is stimulated with high-frequency micro-vibrations to induce collagen and elastin production. Finally, the LED therapy is used to regenerate and heal the skin and nalised with signature with BioCelluloze Algae mask.





HydraFacial: a powerful treatment that has it all: deeply cleansing, moisturising, refreshing and awaking your skin, specially dedicated for mixed skin types that cannot have an invasive approach. Performed with powerful head suction of hydrogen water, active ampoule infusion and a relaxing mask. Suitable for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Needle-free facial 


Needle free facial with selected professional acid , ampoule with nutrients and amino acids to penetrate deeply to the skin with completely pain ultrasound machine and mask to treat your skin concern in holistic and powerful way.



Photodynamic therapy with PDT LASER


Medically Certied device Facial for rosacea/ broken capillaries/ redness combined with mild peel is used when other aggressive therapies are not recommended and very often limited. The healing and benecial properties of light at certain wavelengths have been known for centuries and bring desirable effects.



Est Gen Medical 


Est Gen Medical skin care cosmeceuticals is a powerful and effective skin range in treating various skin types including teenager acne which left untreated can lead to deep scar and pigmentation marks. Teenager consultation/ advice and introduction treatment/ professional treatment.





1 (1).png
Darson High Frequency Facial


for Acne/ face tightening / ne lines and puffy eyes stimulating and bringing oxygen to the skin and resulting in beautiful radiance and glow.


Truly madly deeply face cleaning


Deep face cleaning is a professional treatment that should be carried on regular basis to prevent break outs, black heads and bring the radiance to the skin. This treatment involves traditional vapour, cavitation ultrasonic peeling, acid-peel and manual removal ending with regeneration /cooling mask.


Eye treatment/ Facial with jelly mask


this is owner signature facial which invoices lymphatic drainage manual therapy and deeply stimulating/ relaxing massage topped up with luxurious gel mask to give your skin instant glow and radiance, 24 Gold carat: to ght free radicals in the sin and reversing appearance of sun damage and ageing spots, Argireline contouring mask for ‘botox’ like efect for dramatic skin elasticity improvement, Algae: that supports the renewal of skin tissue, reduces facial wrinkles & creates a draining effect.


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