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During postpartum, your body will need support as it recovers from the birth – both vaginal and C-section. This binder is comfortable yet has enough compression to aid in the gentle return of the soft tissue. Based on the traditional Malaysian binder, this belly binder is designed to support you from the ribcage to below the hips.



Combined with the binder, abdominal massage and breathing exercises and the pelvic floor release are to help with prolapse.


The postnatal massage therapy with releasing the diaphragm and softening the area below sternum also combined with  womb support massage conducted with  herbal compress are available at Mama bloom Medispa. Enquire now if you are interested in this specialised therapy. 

Postpartum Belly Binder

SKU: 002

These quality binders are supplied from Malysia and are recommended by the Gentle Birth Project- USA based company . 

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